Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mt Raut with Chance

These are some photos from back in the spring when Chance was here.  We went out for an easy afternoon hike and ended up doing a hike with 3500' vertical gain.  We ran out of water, got stormed on, drank snowmelt, and summited.  To top it all off, Jess the Dog chased something into the woods just before we got to the car.  We called the rescue party (Cassy) just before dark and roamed through the woods calling Jess's name until we were hoarse.  After about an hour, Jess emerged from the woods "dog tired," as if she had just run a marathon.  She polished off our water and we stumbled to the car and drove directly to the local Italian pizzeria to finish a great day in the mountains.

The massive uphill slog

Finally some nice views, but we're out of water.  We left a water bottle below a patch of dripping snow and continued toward the summit.  The bottle was full of delicious water when we returned. 

The Air Force base and the small town where we live are just in the valley below Chance and Jess.

The summit ridge

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