Saturday, August 28, 2010

Climbing Cinque Torri

Cinque Torri (the 5 towers) are in the Dolomites about 2 hours north of our house.  It is one of the sweetest places I've ever been.  

The mountain rifugio (hut) where we stayed for 3 nights.  The rock behind the hotel is the largest tower of the five.

We did most of our routes on this formation, Torre Grande.  You can see a few tiny climbers at the base of the face.

Dave Harden and Cassy right outside the rifugio taking in the awesome view while drinking wine out of plastic cups.  Very classy.  Dave came all the way from California to do some routes with us.

Cassy on the 10 minute approach to the Grande

Staying warm

Dave and I at the summit.  Toffana di Rozes is in the background.

Dave and I got on a harder route while Cassy shot photos from below.

This traverse was as fun as it looks.  Below Dave's feet is several hundred feet of air.

Cassy rappeling into the cold.  We helped a new Italian climber do the same rappel, except she was screaming, "Mama mia! Mama mia!" the  entire way down.  I'm not kidding.  She was scared for her life.  We were trying not to laugh while we helped her down. 

Dave, at home in the Mountains

Chilling between routes.  This place has it all: sport routes, long trad routes, great views...

We got amazing alpenglow on the mountains every evening and this was our view from the restaurant as we ate great Italian food.

From the meadow below the rifugio

Dave promises to come back soon.  It's pretty tough to schedule climbing with him because he's super busy being retired, but I think he'll be back.

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