Monday, June 21, 2010

Beer Rafting

We took a trip with the squadron to Munich for the annual Beer Rafting event. It was our first time being a part of this one-of-a-kind event and we had a blast.

Starting our night out in Munich in the traditional German lederhosen and dirndl.

The Hofbrauhaus, Munich

Our chariot for the 6-hour float. Note the pre-placed beer steins. What you don't see is the 4 kegs and a German band on board!  The raft is made of logs and is assembled in the morning.  After our float down the river, the raft was disassembled and the logs were loaded on a truck and taken back to the starting point.

Cold and rainy Germany

Cyber, Rocket, Splinter, Mule, Champs, and Brick

The longest of several slides. Pretty exciting in a raft that weighs more than an F-16.

Holding true to a longstanding tradition, none of the dudes leave the river until they've gone for a swim. The water was ice cold.


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Rachael said...

Luc, those pics are awesome! Thanks for sharing and taking pictures of Israel! We look forward to getting our photos done soon! Ciao!