Saturday, August 28, 2010

Passo Duran

Cassy and I attempted this 10-pitch (1000 ft) climb a couple weekends before but we got shut down after getting lost on the approach and then getting stuck behind a bunch of other climbers.  Oh, and I forgot the quickdraws...minor detail.

On our 2nd try we got an early start (5 a.m.) to get on the route with plenty of time and spent most of the day climbing and hiking.

Cassy scopes the route after hiking in a couple of miles

I chose the lightest footwear I have so I wouldn't have to carry my heavy shoes on my harness.

Our route follows the obvious black water streak.  The rock was clean, featured, and vertical.  Classic!

The 9th pitch went up clean and polished white limestone.  Very sweet.

I asked Cassy to try to look natural and pose for a photo by ignoring the 1000-foot drop that's just behind her.  I guess that IS the natural pose with that much air under your ass.

Super steep...5.8 doesn't get much better than this!

Our descent trail

Finally back to the car (and a restaurant).  In the Dolomites, you're never too far from home-cooked food, a road, or a chairlift.

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