Sunday, April 19, 2009

Farkle and Candyland

Friday night festivities at Dan and Amber's place:

Chris may not be able to do simple math, but he can throw the Farkle dice like a champ.

Has Candyland always been a drinking game?

Photo by Alex

Alex and Britton: master Farklers

Chris and Jessica--NOT car camping fans

Red River Gorge

The Red River Gorge, Kentucky is 3 hours from our new Ohio home.  It has some amazing climbing.  With 1600 routes in the guidebook, I think we'll be busy for a while.  Here are a few photos from our last two trips. 

Cassy follows an awkward 5.7 in the cold shade while the rest of the crag bakes in the sun

Torrent Falls

The Red River Gorge Reunion drew a huge group of climbers to Miguel's Pizza for climbing videos, partying, and a huge bonfire.

Cassy on an ultra-classic 2-pitch 5.7

Last Horseshoe Trip

With both cars packed up and ready to drive to Ohio, Cassy, Jess, and I made a 4-day stop at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, Arkansas for some awesome climbing and good times with our friends Steve, Helen, Clay, and Candice.   It was an awesome weekend.  Here are some of the highlights.

From left: Jess, Cassy, Luc, Helen, Steve, Candice, Clay.
Photo by Helen's cousin Jake

Helen lowers off at the end of a great day of climbing

Helen's first-ever lead

A great climbing trip with Helen quickly turns into a modeling shoot.

Put a ring on it.
Why do married chicks love this song so much?

Steve at the Buffalo National River

Candice the rookie she's done this before

Clay and Candice

Steve gets the shit-eating grin every time he goes climbing

Luc on a typical steep Horseshoe route...big holds and big air.  
Photo by Steve or Helen

Mountain Scenery

I snapped these shots while flying from Texas to California.

Mikey Findley

I was lucky enough to capture these photos of my friend Mikey playing in Wichita Falls park.  You know, Mikey, there's more to life than being really really ridiculously good-looking.