Friday, October 2, 2009


After the Dutch students pulled a few pranks on us (the American class), we decided to retaliate...big time. Below is a before/after depiction of what we did to their room. There are two entrances to their room. Here's doorway #1:



And some photos of the progress:

Coma went crazy with this project...even spackling and painting the walls.

And here's what we did to the other doorway.

Now what?

Brute force usually works well.

And that was it...all that hard work undone in an instant.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I should have posted this earlier: we found out a couple weeks ago that we're going to Italy for our next assignment. We'll be moving sometime in February or March and we'll be in northern Italy (Aviano) for 3 years. Bravo!

Francis Ties the Knot

We made the mini-roadtrip (7+ hours) from Dayton, Ohio to Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania for Nate and Nichole's wedding. It was a quick weekend trip, but well worth the effort. Here are the highlights...

What ARE you supposed to do with your hands when someone takes your picture?

Hotties: Cassy, Jessica, Eileen

Chester: if he wasn't a fighter pilot, he'd be a rockstar. Note the classic car in the background.

Coma and Chester vie for the who-can-wear-their-sunglasses-the-longest award.

Ditch and Eileen were scouting the wedding. They'll have their own wedding in February.

Mess dress party shirts. They're formal, but they say "I'm here to party."

Cassy, Nichole the bride, and Jessica

Luc, Cassy, Jessica, Chris

Photo by Chris

This was an experiment with camera settings. Next time I'll use a tripod (and make my half of the heart bigger) and it'll be perfect.