Sunday, November 8, 2009

Some Others Photos

Chance shows off his new watch and his "Crankin Caserole" dish, which was inspired by a pasta dish at Miguel's Pizza at Red River Gorge.  With chicken, artichoke hearts, garlic, spinach, peppers, and cheese, it's pure bliss.

Mom spent a fun weekend with us in October.  I used a tripod and timer for this shot.

Backpack dog.  We actually did this once for real when we needed to climb some 5th class rock to get out of a crag.  Jess doesn't mind it a bit.

Halloween Party

Until now, I've never shown more thigh than Cassy in public.

Big Country and Dianna

Fuel and Coma

I love Halloween

Cassy and Kristin


Asher, Kevin, and Chester rockin' out to Guns n' Roses

Extreme focus for an extreme sport

Cassy and Justi

Cassy and Dianna

Chance, Luc, and Justi

If the apartment complex staff only knew what we were doing after hours in their hoity-toity clubhouse...

Pumpkin carvings by (left to right) Luc, Chance, Cassy

Red River Gorge in October

Red River Gorge is paradise this time of year...cold at night, perfect during the day, and nice and dry. It doesn't get much better than this.

Roadside Attraction. 2 pitches of super fun 5.7.

Only the essentials

Jess the Dog

Some people (Eric) have accused me of taking too many photos of my dog but when I got a new lens, I turned to my never-shy model for some test shots.

Fall Photos

My climbing partner and mentor Brad Young refuses to call this season "fall," especially when he's talking about climbing. So Brad, here are some autumn photos from Ohio.

What your trail shoes see.

Poor light? Out of ideas? Start with 1/60th of a second shutter speed and spin...

The Basics

Learning the basics of flying an F-16 is fun...we are expected to screw up almost everything and we progress as long as we don't cause too much damage.

Here are some photos of our air-to-ground phase:

Someone could lose an eye.

This 25-lb BDU-33 practice bomb is what we drop to simulate bigger stuff. Normally we carry 9 BDUs on each jet. Each bomb has a smoke charge in the nose to mark where it hits (we always hit dead center, by the way).


You mean those dorks get to fly that sweet jet?

This photo was taken just before my first time dropping a 500-lb bomb...sort of. I had to watch my buddy drop his bombs while I orbited overhead because I screwed something up. I landed with this damn bomb still on my jet, but dropped a couple a few days later.

By the way, the 500-lb bomb is to my left and the fuel tank is to my right.

Friday, October 2, 2009


After the Dutch students pulled a few pranks on us (the American class), we decided to retaliate...big time. Below is a before/after depiction of what we did to their room. There are two entrances to their room. Here's doorway #1:



And some photos of the progress:

Coma went crazy with this project...even spackling and painting the walls.

And here's what we did to the other doorway.

Now what?

Brute force usually works well.

And that was it...all that hard work undone in an instant.