Saturday, August 28, 2010

Vrsar, Croatia

Vrsar is a little town on the west coast of Croatia.  It's loaded with tourists, but is somehow still incredibly fun.

In front of our hotel on the way to the beach in Split, Croatia

Post-thunderstorm rainbow

Classic Italian-style gelateria.  This guy would take a scoop of ice cream and walk out into the street, go about 30 paces from another ice cream employee, and launch the scoop of ice cream, which soared 20 feet high and seemed to always go straight into the other dude's mouth.  We watched them do it a few times and it never got old.

Nice melons

Met this girl on the beach and I liked her so much I brought her back to Italy with me.

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Martina Mikulić said...

Hello! I love your photos! Very nice time you had! I always visit hoteli Vrsar!