Sunday, December 26, 2010

Italy Collection

When I call this a "collection" of photos, I really mean that there are a handful of photos I want to post without a particularly interesting story.  Don't fall asleep.

I drive by this every day on the way to and from work, but it rarely looks this clear.

Hey dad, nice backpack.

From a climbing area near Trieste

If everyone wore colors this bright, my people shots would be a lot more interesting.

Rocket gets serious on lead.  He'd rather be making turns in fresh pow, but it's too early for snow here, so he settles for perfect limestone.

A small tributary above a little town called Dardago

Also Dardago

View from our front yard after a nice dusting of snow

Driving home from base on a back road, the light was perfect for about 5 minutes.  The highest snowy peak in the center of the frame is Mt. Raut.  Click here to see photos of Chance and I when we hiked to the top last spring.

Close to the town of Poffabro.  I was sick of sitting around the house on a rainy weekend, so Jess and tromped through this creek for about 30 minutes as it got dark.  These shots required a 20" shutter speed because it was almost completely dark.  

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