Friday, December 24, 2010

Phats' Going Away Party

We said farewell to some great friends, Pat and Jordana.  Here are a few photos from their party.

 Pat, Jordana, and Baby Kennedy (not pictured, but nestled safely in the womb)

 Aaron, Kristen, and Abbie

 Aaron walked around with my camera for a couple hours and got some great shots.  His parents were nervous about him toting around my dSLR with a huge flash mounted on top, but I got everything back in one piece.

 Jordana shortly after receiving the customary (and always-awkward) flowers and kiss from someone in the squadron.  In this case, Splinter classed it up with a dip-and-kiss maneuver.

 Setting a good example for the little ones.  Doesn't everyone learn to play beer pong when they're 8 years old?

Lindsey.  Photo by 2nd Grader Aaron. 

Steve, Cassy, and Sara

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