Sunday, April 10, 2011


Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is about 2 hours from our house.  We stayed in an apartment right on one of the main canals.

Dave loved the bathroom door in the apartment because, for once in his life, he felt like a giant.

We went to a restaurant where they serve the same thing to each table.  The waitress told us we would get a good roast and some vegetables.  Sounded good, until we found out the roast was horse meat.
Cassy is sad to be eating horse.

Dave is very happy to be eating horse.

This could have been a lot worse

Ljubljana is the perfect city for Dave because he wants to be a dragon when he grows up.

Why is Dave hissing at me?

This guy got some serious tail on his trip to Ljubljana.

Cassy and Jess standing on the Triple Bridge, built by architect Joze Plecnik

Cassy and Dave wait on a cooking crepe

Another perspective of the Triple Bridge

Slovenia is known for its amazing cave systems.  This 3-mile walking tour was the best cave I have every seen.  

This room  is 300 feet tall and has a river running through it. You can see the lighted path about halfway up the cave wall where we walked.

At the end of the tour, this overlook offers views of the river as it leaves one cave and flows into another.


Tyler and Laura Smith said...

Great photos -- can you believe we still haven't been to Ljubljana? We have driven past many times & need to go before we leave. We did that cave tour & it sure was impressive, huh!?!

Monica said...

What cave system was that? Love the photos of Jess and Cassy!

Luc and Cassy Gruenther said...

Laura, you guys MUST go to Ljubljana. I was really impressed with the city. Fall this year would be awesome!

Monica, the two main cave systems are the Postajna caves and the Skocjan caves. I think the Skocjan was a better overall experience - way less crowded and HUGE caverns.