Sunday, April 10, 2011


Once a year our small town has a huge blowout celebration for Carnevale.  We strolled out our front door to see what it was all about and we were astounded at the effort put into this parade.  The floats, the costumes, the millions of bags of confetti...this was a party!

This is a photographer's paradise: bright colors, crazy costumes, tons of people, and not a care in the world that some dude is snapping everyone's pictures.  Here are some of my favorite people pictures from the celebration.

It's rare to see such stunning blonde women in Italy.  Wow.

The Man Himself

There was about a mile of street that looked like this after the all the floats passed.


Tyler and Laura Smith said...

The two Italian guys dressed like nuns smoking cigarettes is my favorite -- great photos, as always!!

Mark and Dianna Klein said...

Luc and Cassy! Love, love, LOVE all the new photos! They all look like clips from a movie. I love the photo of the little boy with the party horn/blower. Awesome!

Luc and Cassy Gruenther said...

Yeah, the dude nuns was a magic moment. When I saw those dudes taking drags off their cigarettes, I anxiously starting snapping photos. That's why I love using the long lens - lots of zoom without getting up in someone's face.