Thursday, June 17, 2010

Israel Flying

Our squadron took a 3-week trip to Israel for a flying exercise.  We got to do a lot of things we can't do in Italy, like drop live bombs, shoot the gun, and train on a large scale with another nation.  Every day we flew an exercise with around 30 jets.

Living quarters built by the U.S.

It was just two of us in this room.  Other rooms were slightly larger and slept four.

The weapons dudes building up a GBU-24 for us to drop.  The humongo section they're assembling is the guidance control unit, which detects and guides the bomb to where the laser energy (provided by our jet or by someone on the ground) is pointed.

The huge guidance fins are folded in.  When the bomb separates from the jet, the fins snap out and guide the bomb to the target.  

In front of my $55,000 bomb.  I dropped two on this flight.  Thanks for paying your taxes.
After leaving the range, we flew a low level over the Dead Sea.  Cruising at 500+ mph at only 500 ft above the water was pretty awesome.  Plus, my altimeter read -720 ft (yes, MINUS 720)...we were way below sea level and still 500 ft above the ground!

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Melanie said...

Hey, Jake went to Israel for a week to help start the T-6 program in October--you should e-mail him and compare notes!