Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The small town or Arco, located on the northern shore of Lago di Garda, is an outdoor mecca.  The town is surrounded by mountains and endless rock walls.  Here are some photos from our last couple of trips. 

Lago di Garda from above

These faces have lots of long (1000 meter?) routes and above the orange spot of rock is a BASE jumping exit point that overhangs the wall.

The town of Arco and its castle

Pizza and pasta.  What you don't see is Jess laying next to me.  Italian restaurants are cool with dogs and often bring a bowl of water and a treat from the kitchen for Jess.

Cassy always overpacks for trips.  This was no exception.

There are some pretty narrow 2-way streets in Arco.  We often pull in the side mirrors to avoid hitting the walls.

Cassy enjoys the view of Arco and Lago di Garda from her belay station.

I pulled onto a ledge and thought this train of caterpillars was a snake.

Another cool 2000 year old castle in the town of Drena.

Jess makes herself comfortable after a hard day of climbing.

Chance and Cassy on the sharp end

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