Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas in Comfort

Rain seemed to be the theme for December, so instead of trying to plan something outside, we purposely avoided it altogether.  Instead we joined Pat and Jordana at a hotel near Lake Como in northwestern Italy for some relaxation over Christmas.  We lived like kings at this place and it was cheaper than most hotels we've stayed at this year.

 We got a dusting of snow the day after Christmas

 The Turkish Sauna is a ton of steam and alternating colors of light.

 The dry sauna with a view.

 Christmas night we hiked up the hill to the church at midnight.  The entire town was filtering through the basement of the church to see this live nativity scene.  This town is tiny and off the tourist path, so people were pretty surprised when they learned Californians were there to celebrate Christmas.

 The fog combined with embers from the midnight bon fire made for a cool photo.

The town cemetery at midnight

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