Sunday, January 9, 2011

Austria Ski Trip

Our squadron ski trip to Austria was a blast.  We stayed at a fantastic hotel and our only day of riding was an amazing powder day.

Our hotel

 View from our room.

A short hike to get some nice turns.

 Our first experience with a European ski hut.  This place was tiny and crammed with skiers, but the soup and bread tasted fantastic.

 A nice traditional German girl I met at the hotel

 Brett and Jessica.  Blue steel and magnum, respectively.

Tisha and Nick

 One of my favorite shots from the weekend.  Mach shreds the gnar.

Dan and Rachel

 I gave the camera to Shock and she made some great photos.

 Justin and Catherine

Ryan and Taryn

 Josh and Jennifer 

 Shock can't contain her powder grin.

 Post-powder run euphoria

 Last run of the day

 Photo by Sara

Before leaving Austria we stopped at the Salzburg Christmas Market, which is a huge collection of vendors spread out all over the city.

We had a hot drink every hour or so to stay warm: hot cocoa and gluhwein (spiced wine served hot)

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