Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Vipers! (not the biting kind; the cool kind)

After years of waiting, I have finally starting flying "real jets."  Below are photos of our class of 8 dudes during the first part of training.

Chris Behrens on his last ride before going solo.

The man behind the visor is Ryan Chute on his first solo in the Viper (this year).

Mark Klein often boasts about his ability to quickly get the jet ready to fly.

Nic Koval readies himself for an under-run landing.

Nate Call is king of the world in his Viper jet.

The next few photos were taken by Ryan Chute.  I was psyched to learn that Ryan is a Canon photo geek just like me, and even more excited when he followed me out to the jet with his camera on my first-ever solo in the F-16.
Back-taxiing for my first takeoff all alone in the cockpit.

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The Wood's said...

Congratulations on your first F-16 solo! Pretty amazing!