Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Canoe Trip

Josh and Kate, two climbers we met at Red River Gorge, invited us on their annual 2-day group canoe trip down the Darby River, OH.  Despite a morale-crushing downpour at the end of a long day, we had a blast on the 20+ mile float. 

All these photos were taken with Cassy's point-and-shoot because I didn't trust my canoe skills to keep my main camera dry.  Good thing--we tipped over about 30 minutes into the first day.

Sweet campsite

Trying to dry out after the torrential rain.

My survival instructors would have been pissed to see our fire-starting methods.  It had just finished pouring rain for over an hour, so lighting the fire was difficult.  Josh came to the rescue by using the 1-foot flame from his camp stove to get the fire going.

Jess is on high alert for the next rapids.

Josh, Kate, Levi, and the heaviest ice chest known to man.  Their center of balance was thrown off every time Levi got nervous in the rapids.  This boat held the record for most times capsized, even though Josh claims he had never in his entire life tipped over prior to this trip.  Likely story.

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Candice said...

That looks like lots of fun.