Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Red River Gorge


Best picture I have of Chance.  Photo by Cassy.

Cassy cranks up the most exposed part of the route.  Notice Jess WAY down there waiting patiently for us to rappel back to her.

This is the top-out to a awesome 2-pitch climb we did.  The route has big exposure, comfortable belays, and an awesome view from the top.

Photo by Cassy

In the middle of a perfect day, the sky dumped buckets of rain on Chris and me.  We donned full rain gear for the hike back to the car, but the rain suddenly stopped and we enjoyed a misty hike out.  

Chris' first day at Red River Gorge

Huck (Chris' dog) has been on two climbing trips now and he loves the Red.

The 1-lane Nada Tunnel

The roads in this area are beautiful, but they tempt Chance into power-sliding around the corners, especially on the gravel roads.

Miguel's Pizza--the social hub of the Red.  As Chris says, there are more Chaco and Birkenstock sandals, dreads, and dirty climbers at Miguels than he's ever seen in one place.


"Me" said...

This pizza joint sounds like our kindof place! We live in Chacos and Birk's....:-)
~Cale and Katie

The Wood's said...

Luc, I love the photo of the water droplets! You take great photos and I am always checking out your blog hoping that one day (when I find more time), I too can take photos like you! We've been bike riding A LOT and miss getting to ride with you guys.

Candice said...

I love the picture of the rain. The forest there looks very lush. Trees, trees, you have trees! It's beautiful.

Luc and Cassy Gruenther said...

Shelly, the rain drops on the green leaves was a surprisingly easy photo. I just used our point-and-shoot camera set on its digital macro (the flower symbol) setting and fired off a shot.

Candice, yes...trees. They're pretty rare in Wichita Falls, TX. But in the Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky, we feel like we're hiking through a rain forest in Costa Rica. It's wild.

We miss all of you in Texas.