Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Annie and Kenny's Wedding

In August, Cassy's best friend from the beginning of time got married.  Check out some of the photos from Annie and Kenny's wedding.

People do the craziest things the night before their wedding.

Jack (the ring bearer) gets psyched up for the ceremony.  Surprisingly, he didn't bear the rings after all.

Jerry (the wedding officiant), gets psyched up for the ceremony too.  Thankfully, he was at the  ceremony.

Jerry Sr. gives Annie away forever.

Party animals (led by Randy).

The real reason people go to weddings (and why my buddies are looking at this blog): chicas bonitas

I was trying to shoot the beautiful flowers, but I...missed.

And the flowers...

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Kat said...

Great pictures! I LOVED the 1st one! That is a classic shot and the ring bearer shot was forshadowing :) I hope that all is well on your end and please tell your beautiful bride that we send Hellos!