Monday, September 8, 2008

Alex's Wedding

Following the example of his older brother, Alex got hitched in Ohio on Labor Day weekend.  It was an awesome wedding at a gorgeous arboretum in Dayton.  Alex and his bride (Britton) just moved to Boston, where he's doing his first 3-year tour in the Air Force.

Chinese rehearsal dinner.  Can you believe Aunt Rissa used to carry me on her shoulders?

(Above) Auntie M helps Chance spiff up for the ceremony.

Mom, Grandma Melba, and Auntie M

(Above) Grandmother Melba, the matriarch of the family, also holds the honorable position of name tag collector.

Cassy and Auntie M strut their stuff.

Covert Ops (that means "covert operations" in military speak--it's complicated)

Their first kiss (they waited until they were married)

Cassy and Luc with severe backlighting

Chance and Cassy--serious posers.

Alex and the best man, Billy.

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