Saturday, September 15, 2012

Salsa Dancing and Bikinis

In June, we drove to the city of Rovinj, Croatia for the 2012 Salsa Dancing Festival.  We spent several days cruising the beach on our bikes during the day and salsa dancing late into the night.  
This trip is a must for anyone living in Italy.

Kelia, Sara, Rachel, Cassy

Cri, Sabrina, Lily, Sara, Cassy
Steve, Luc, and Jordan

Valentino, an awesome bar right on the water where you grab a cushion, pick a spot on the rocks, and order a drink.

The Salsa Festival ended with a MTV-esque party on an island a few miles from Rovinj.  I've never been to a party like this.  These people love to dance.
Thriller - always a classic

Jordan and Cristina get their salsa on

Cruising town


theflammias said...

Gratuitous abs shot to finish it off. Still a hulk bro.

Luc and Cassy Gruenther said...

Thanks for calling me out, Bobby. I was too busy looking at Cassy to notice that my button up shirt had come undone in the wind.

Jordan Perry said...

I will always remember how awesome of a trip this was. Such a great experience with even greater people! RIP my friend...