Sunday, October 17, 2010


We made on overnight camping/climbing trip with our friends Pete and Lauren to Arco, Italy.  The town of Arco is a main focal point for climbing, wind surfing, and mountain biking in northern Italy.  

Our "alpine start" consisted of an 8 a.m. wakeup, followed by croissants and coffee in a cobblestone square in Arco.  Then we perused several of the gear shops for a couple hours before finally getting started on our via feratta.

Gorgeous view from the campground.  As you can see, European camping means pitching a tent within inches of your neighbor's campsite.

 The Arco castle sits on top of this cliff, directly above town

Our objective was Monte Garsole, the peak towering above us.  

Pete gears up for the via feratta

 This feratta was steep and strenuous and had amazing views.  Big air!

 Pete and Lauren

 Cassy ascends the cable

 We didn't want to leave Jess in the car, so we brought her with us.  She stayed still in my backpack for over 2 hours of vertical climbing.  She divided her time between staring into the valley and napping on my shoulder.

 Lauren airs it out on one of the steepest parts of the route

 Cassy bringing it strong after running 18 miles (and climbing 4 pitches) the day prior.  My wife is a superwoman.

 Jess makes this move look easy.

Pete, Cassy, Luc, and Jess with the town of Sarche in the background 

 This summit register had a brand new book for us to sign.

 Lauren finishes the steep climbing

 Jess at the summit.  I don't know if there's a better dog on the entire planet.
 Summit ridge

 Christmas card photo?  Thanks Pete.

 Summit photo

Even the descent had nice views

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