Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Basics

Learning the basics of flying an F-16 is fun...we are expected to screw up almost everything and we progress as long as we don't cause too much damage.

Here are some photos of our air-to-ground phase:

Someone could lose an eye.

This 25-lb BDU-33 practice bomb is what we drop to simulate bigger stuff. Normally we carry 9 BDUs on each jet. Each bomb has a smoke charge in the nose to mark where it hits (we always hit dead center, by the way).


You mean those dorks get to fly that sweet jet?

This photo was taken just before my first time dropping a 500-lb bomb...sort of. I had to watch my buddy drop his bombs while I orbited overhead because I screwed something up. I landed with this damn bomb still on my jet, but dropped a couple a few days later.

By the way, the 500-lb bomb is to my left and the fuel tank is to my right.

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