Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Roof, the Roof, the Roof is on Fire!

On August 17th, lightning struck our apartment building, igniting a fire that burned the roof off the entire apartment building. Due to the damage, the building was demolished and carried away in dump trucks later that week. Thankfully, Chance got himself and Jess (our dog) out safely. After calling Luc at work, Chance went back into the apartment and saved 2 hard drives (that contained many photos) and our camera. He shot most of the following photos as he and the other residents watched the fire spread from one unit to the next. Cassy and I arrived in time to see the fire department ripping into our apartment with high pressure water from their hoses.

Since the fire, we've gotten tons of support from family and friends. Thanks to everyone who offered assistance, sent gift cards, and helped us move into our new apartment. We're thankful to have such great friends and family.

Here are some photos from the start of the fire to the end of the demolition project.

Our apartment is the top left. The balcony leads into the living room, the master bedroom on the left, and the spare bedroom on the right. As Chance was shooting this photo, he was telling me over the phone, "Dude, they're spraying high pressure water directly into my bedroom!"

These are the punks who caused so much water damage to our apartment.

Thousands of gallons of water used to fight the fire weakened the wall and required this section of the building (our unit) to be demolished the following day.

Cassy was bummed because the one outfit she owns at this point, "Isn't even that cute."

Lindsey and Lauren lived in the apartment below ours. Our living room fell through theirs and into the first floor. They didn't have renter's insurance.

Let the demolition begin!

A cross section of our master bedroom. Not nearly as private as it used to be.

Chance surveys what's left of the building about 10 days after the fire.

If you click to enlarge this photo and look very carefully, you can see my favorite spatula in the wreckage.


Melanie said...

I hope y'all had renter's insurance!

We have an envelope sent your way--hope it's to the right address.

Missie Rice said...

I'm sorry this happened to you. I hope by now that you were able to regain what you’ve lost in this tragic situation. The roofing and the bedroom looks badly damaged. Good thing nobody got hurt.

Missie Rice