Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gingerbread Houses

From left to right: Luc's skyscraper, Cassy's barn/house, Helen's green hippie home, and Krusty's trailer park.

Cassy obviously dominated the gingerbread making.

Luc's skyscraper in all its glory.  Wind: calm.

Luc's skyscraper about 30 seconds after walking outside.  The building was not designed to withstand 20+ mph wind.


Kat said...

Ok That last picture made me laugh out loud :) Your pictures are beautiful! I mean that. Nice work dude! Can you teach me your tricks?

I was just notified that my husband is going to hot box the covers with stinky-ness. So I am going to go get my gas mask.

Gotta run....for real!

We miss you guys! Please tell your wife that we send our best!

Lysandra said...

Hahah, that last comment was hilarious! On a side note the word verification was: malimut. That makes me chuckle.