Monday, November 3, 2008

Favorite Photos

To share a few photos that I took pre-blog, here's a random smattering of some of my favorites.  I uploaded high resolution images so that you have the option of clicking on the photo to see the monster version.

Steve at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, Arkansas

Paris "Toad" Hollis reflects on life as a Tweet Driver

Stanislaus River, South Fork, California

Dave rips fresh turns, Squaw Valley, California

Stanislaus River, South Fork, California

Willie shreds.  Click to see the full image--his dragging pole makes an awesome visual.

Camels in Texas.

Chance, Squaw Valley, California

New Orleans, Louisiana

Best climbing dog--ever.

Cassy and Jess, Quartz Mountain, Oklahoma

Wannabe ranch dog

Nice eyes.

Welcome to the South.  Near Montgomery, Alabama.

Back porch lightning, Wichita Falls, Texas

Steve wonders if granite gets any better than this.  It doesn't.  Quartz Mountain, Oklahoma.

The irresistible swing.  Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, Arkansas

Kyle makes the mandatory leap after climbing Snakes Head, Quartz Mountain, Oklahoma

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Anonymous said...

Your husband was truly an amazing photographer and, by the looks of things, the two of you led an awsome life full of love, travel and adventure. I'm sorry to know that he did not survive his plane crash over the adriatic. You lost a great husband and the country lost a great man. My condolences.

Greg Soule
Anchorage AK