Saturday, January 24, 2009


The weather in Texas and Oklahoma has been absolutely stunning this winter.  Highs in the 50-70 degree range with almost no precipitation has allowed us to get out a lot.  Here are a few shots from our weekend trips to the Wichita Mountains and Quartz Mountain.

Steve and Jess

Tired Steve topping out on Power Series (10c)

Jess models for the camera

The sun makes me sleepy

Cassy follows South Pacific (5.8)

Ben Bryan

Bigger is better.

Eric cranks down on Eliminator (10c)


Here are some of my favorite people/canine shots from our vacation to California.  Many of them are from Cassy's granparents' 50th anniversary party.  50 years!

Cassy and Janelle

Cool climbing dog.  Gold Wall, CA.

Luc and Cassy.  Photo by Janelle.

Cassy and Janae.

Woody from Toy Story.  Photo by Cassy.

Bob and Pat.  50 years of marriage and counting.

Pat and Kolten

Cassy's cousin Brock

Cousins Cadence and Brock

Chasing girls: a favorite pastime of many boys.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Twain Harte, CA

At my family's house in Twain Harte, the view of the sunset is awesome. After a fresh snow and as the sun approached the horizon, I grabbed my camera knowing the perfect light wouldn't last. I didn't have time to get out the tripod, so I shot the next two photos handheld. Sure enough, about 3 minutes later the sun dropped below the horizon and the visuals completely changed.

The view from the deck.

The hustle and bustle of Twain Harte (population 2500) at night.


Eli and I have known each other since kindergarten.  We got together after Christmas to catch up and make some turns at our home mountain--Dodge Ridge.

Photo by random 15-year-old snowboarder and self-proclaimed "pro photographer."  Nice photo.

Photo by Eli

Lemon Rasa

My cousin Sara (a.k.a. Rasa) is what I like to call a "born-again beer snob."  She started dating a beer brewer and now all she drinks is the good stuff.  Of course, being a beer snob is not all bad.  Adam named his first beer after her.  He calls it the Lemon Rasa and Cassy and I enjoyed the brew in Colorado Springs over Thanksgiving.

Rasa enjoys the Lemon Rasa.